Upgrading a Multi-Server SharePoint Farm


I was having a nightmare upgrading a multi-server sp13 farm from Standard to Enterprise . Having inserted the Enterprise Key in the usual place in Central Administration,  – it kept throwing errors every time… (below)


I spent lots of time troubleshooting this, such as,  checking the error Logs, clearing the cache, to name a few.
In the end One line of PowerShell fixed it…

Set-SPFarmConfig -InstalledProductsRefresh

So if any of you try to upgrade a multi server farm from the usual way of inserting the product key & doesn’t work, below are the  steps I followed,

  1. Insert the product key in the convert license type or Enable Enterprise Features. (let it error)
  2. Run the above Powershell Command.
  3. SharePoint should upgrade to Enterprise
  4. Remember to enable Enterprise features on all existing web applications and site collections.