Azure Storage Explorer

I often find myself having to transfer or download files from my Azure Storage Account.

There are a number of ways to download your files, such as from your Azure subscription; there are also a lot of third party tools out there that can help you transfer and or download your files such as Zudio which is a cheap web based subscription service and Azure Storage Explorer from codeplex  (This one is really good! ).

However recently, I have been using Azure Explorer by Cerebrata.
Azure Explorer is a fantastic way to upload, download files to and from your Azure Storage Container while at the same time ensuring security is maximised, the tool effectively allows you to manage your Azure files in an easy to use interface.
You can download Azure Explorer here.

Firstly, In order to use the tool you will need to have your Azure Storage Account set up and your Storage Account key; then download the tool from the link above.

Once the Azure Explorer is downloaded you will have to:

1. Add your Azure Storage Account


Then click on ‘Test Connection’ to ensure you can connect to your Azure Storage

successful Connection

2.  Once connected, you will be able to access to your files / BLOBS in user friendly interface, in which you can upload / download / delete etc…

Below shows the storage account


Click into the storage account will show the containers within the storage account.


Clicking into the containers will show the files.


I particularly find this tool useful for sharing with customers, as it enables me to send files to customers in an easy, free secure way.

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